Thursday, July 22, 2010

Rosacea:A Fatal Skin Diseases

It is a skin disease.It affects the region of forehead ,face, specially nose and cheeks by tiny patches of crimson acne. It is a chronic skin condition which involves a severe swelling of nose, eyelid, forehead, chin and eventually total face. The symbols of it can be appeared as hives, red bumps, swelling, redness, and the rashes just like spots.

Usually, it is thought that the citizens of the northwestern European experience generally in these symptoms but the people living in other regions and areas have probability to experience in it. This dangerous condition is happened with both males and females, but the ratio of womens which suffers in this is three times extra than males. It appears in the age of thirty to sixty

It consists of four types. Out of these four ,the patient can have any one type. These types are as follows:

• Erythematotelangiectatic rosacea: The symptoms of this is full and stable rosiness along with the skin flushing and blushing. In this type, the blood vessels are visible near the surface of skin that caused scratches ,itching and frustration.

• Papulopustular rosacea: The symptoms of this are rosiness along with pus filed bumps. It leftovers for two or three days..

• Phymatous rosacea: In this type the nose of the patient covered with red acne and the nose increase from its original size. Itching, Irritating and thickening of the skin. It can generate infection on the ears, chin, eyelid, forehead, and cheeks.

• Ocular rosacea: it is the subtype and the symptoms of this as redness and dryness of the eyelids and eyes. A few more symptoms and infections of this sub type rosacea are irritation, body sensation, burning and pain.

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